Redmi Note 5 Polycarbonate 3-in-1 Shockproof Sleek Ultra Slim Back Cover - ( Gold )

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Product Description
  • CAMERA PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY - INTRODUCING OUR - ALL SIDES COVERAGE SERIES" - No Need of Bulky Ca This Amazing Case Protects Your phone From ALL SIDES without adding weight
  • Superior Finish : Our Patent applied Embedded Infused Colour Technology (EICT2). This is Not TPU which loosens after some time. This is Hard Case with an Xtremely Thin Profile yet being Ultra Tough and highly durable due to the Eco Friendly High Density PolyCarbonate Used
  • Industry Proven Quality Testing by our Eight Stage Reliability Test. Scratch Proof Coating for Lasting Durability. Rubberised Hard Case UltraSmooth feel with MATTE finish. Sweat and Fingerprint-proof, Anti-dust, washable and tear-resistant
  • Sweat and Fingerprint proof, Anti-dust, washable and tear-resistant. Features the Upper lip build design to help protect the screen when face down on a flat surface
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